No Emissions: Renewables in the Lead through Disruptive Innovations!

Middle East & North Africa, New Energy Transition Champions

Just a few years ago people could hardly believe that the MENA region would ever transform to becoming an emission free energy provider to its citizens and an exporter of ‘green power’ and ‘green molecules’ to the world energy markets. With swiftly dropping solar and wind energy costs and guided by visionary and pragmatic Rulers and Governments this picture has recently changed dramatically. The Dii Desert Energy Leadership Summit will shine its light this year on the progress that is being made in the energy transition, both at regional and international energy system level and at the level of smart city applications. In the Summit will offer a platform for debate among decision makers, policy makers and experts. Focus will be on the way to go in the four key energy market components: a. green energy generation, b. transport of electricity / green molecules, c. the spectrum of stabilizing and optimizing storage means of cold/ heat/ hydro/ gravitation& electricity and d. the interaction with flexible industrial and residential demand. Apart from the usual focus on renewables and grid interconnections special emphasis will be given to the emerging energy solutions in innovative cities, among others block chain technology and e-mobility and the new wave of hydrogen as a solution for storage and transport and desalination.






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