The Accelerated Energy Transition in MENA and beyond

Dii Desert Energy was launched in 2009 as an international industry initiative for improving market conditions for renewables in the deserts and for examining the synergies to be captured through connecting the power markets of Europe, North Africa and West Asia. Since 2019, alongside green electrons, we have integrated the green molecules component as we recognize the role that green hydrogen will play in 'defossilizing' the global economy. MENA will become a ‘Powerhouse’ of emission-free energy, both green ‘electrons’ and ‘molecules’, serving the world energy market. This has been established in the market as ‘Desertec 3.0’. Nonetheless, the message is clear: no green molecules without green electrons!

The Dii Desert Energy Leadership Summit, launched in 2010, has established itself as a unique, invitation-only event for the top leaders and decision makers in the MENA and international renewables sector. Over the past 12 years, the annual summit has been a forum to discuss the progress of Dii's work and some of the key topics to accelerate the energy transition in MENA and beyond.

It presents a platform for Dii partners and stakeholders to share experiences, expectations, and perspectives in the transforming energy markets in MENA and beyond. The summit forms part of Dii’s wider roadmap of accelerating the energy transition in the Arab world by connecting regions, people and continents sharing Dii's mission 'No Emissions!'

Following a successful edition in 2011, we are thrilled to come back to Cairo to honor Egypt as a leader in the energy transition and to showcase Egypt as a future trading hub for green electrons and molecules. The program of the 2022 edition will highlight the holistic vision of the accelerated energy transition in MENA and 'dive' into the practical aspects of the markets for renewables, green molecules, energy storage, transmission and flexible demand. It will bring together global visionaries, regional and international industry leaders and political forces all in one place to discuss and debate the perspectives and practical implementations of an emission-free energy system in the MENA region and beyond. We hope you will be able to join us for this year’s Summit in November, where we also plan to showcase concrete projects in Egypt. Mark your calendars and plan on joining us to accelerate the energy transition!

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3 November 2022 | St. Regis - The Nile, Cairo




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  • Desertec3.0 Powered with Pharaonic Spirit

  • Opening Panel: The Energy Transition for Peace in MENA and Beyond 

  • Ministerial Panel: MENA leading an accelerated Green Energy Transition

  • Panel discussion: The Momentum of the Energy Transition

    • How geopolitical events dramatically accelerate the energy transition for peace via international collaboration and partnerships

  • Panel Discussion: Spotlight Concrete Projects

    • How Egypt can capture on a successful energy transition and fast move towards net zero

  • Special presentation: Update on EU MENA Hydrogen Developments

  • Case Study session: Green Electrons and Molecules Shacking Hand

  • Interactives Roundtables

    • New requirements for financing and structures for green molecules 

    • Certification, Transportation and Storage of Green Molecules 

    • Energy efficiency (ESCO) and demand side management 

    • Energy storage solutions for emission-free energy systems

    • The convergence between electricity and gas markets

    • Water and Energy Nexus

    • R&D, innovation and education 

    • Smart cities & mobility

  • Interactive Session: Connecting Production and Demand of Hydrogen


Lekela Site Visit

On the 5th November, Lekela will be hosting a site visit to West Bakr Wind Farm (252MW) for our distinguished participants on a first come first served basis. 

It is situated in the Gulf of Suez, 30km north-west of Ras Ghareb. The project is commissioned and has now achieved commercial operations.


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Photo Gallery - 11th Leadership Summit 2021