Dii’s industry network ‘Supporters of Desert Energy’

is comprised of an adaptive group of industry partners from Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA. Various partners have contributed in the past and various partners will contribute to Dii’s mission in the future. Their expertise covers the entire value chain of renewable energy projects:

  • Wind and solar power generation technologies (e.g. solar thermal and photo-voltaic)

  • Transmission technologies (HVDC transmission, super grids and system studies)

  • Project development / plant construction

  • Energy trading and long-term contractual arrangements

  • Renewable Energy Certificate Systems (RECS) and/or feed-in subsidy systems in Europe and beyond

  • Financing and risk management, risk control and investment risk analyses

  • Insurance of high-tech large-scale assets during construction and operation

  • Operational industrial expertise and high level network of political, scientific and society contacts in the North Africa and the Middle East

  • Knowledge transfer, education and training




A large group of international companies have contributed to the achievements of Dii since its inception in 2009. Companies that have shaped Dii include RWE, ACWA Power, SGCC, ABB, MunichRe, Enel, Eon, Deutsche Bank, Terna, Nareva, Red Electrica de Espana, First Solar, Abengoa, Schott, HSH Bank, Flagsol, Unicredit, Terna Energy, Saint Gobain, Siemens, Cevital and many associated partners worldwide, such as Maurisolair, Kaefer, ILF, Leonie, Lahmeyer, Italgen, Intesa San Paolo, SMA, Commerzbank, Bosch, Bilfinger, Audi, Evonik, Shell, Morgan Stanley, IBM, 3M, AGC, Schaeffler, TUV Sued, Garad Hassan, Soitec, FCC, HSBC, BASF, Schoeller, Conergy, Flabeg etc. In the initial period also the Desertec Foundation has helped shaping Dii.
The new network “Supporters of Desert Energy” has become operational early 2015 in Dubai. Partners have on the one hand be recruited from Dii’s contributors basis, but also new companies with a strong footprint in MENA and Turkey, such as RedMed, Yingli, SolarReserve, Building Energy, 5Capitals, Intec-Gopa, TSK, Building Energy, Cobra, Novatec and others have joined the network.

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