How will ‘100% Renewables’ work?

Smart integration of different types of renewables, grid interconnections, flexible demand and different types of storage will ensure emission-free round-the-clock security of supply at lowest costs! The PV power generation costs only a few cents/kWh during sun-hours coupled with cheaper ‘cold storage’ to cover cooling demand day and night. Decreasing prices of Solar Thermal power generation costs with energy storage techniques has led to reliable power supply 24*7. On the other hand, wind power generation is cheap as well as can play the role of baseload power generation method during day and night. The international grid interconnections will facilitate to level power generation fluctuations ensuring security and capturing synergies among different production and load patterns. Moreover, with the aid of various storage facilities, demand response, demand side management, smart grids, etc. the goal of 100% Renewables is possible in the near future. ..
Dii works closely with leading industry organizations to develop business opportunities and unlock emission-free projects. We are proud to have recently welcomed NEOM, Masen, ThyssenKrupp and NEL Hydrogen in our network

Our Focus Market

Dii Focus markets (1)

Dii is presently focusing on the Middle East North Africa (MENA) and the Mediterranean with Morocco, Spain, Italy and Greece as key interfaces. Dii will develop its capability to capture similar geographical markets with desert conditions such as Pakistan, South Africa, Namibia and Chile.

Integrating and Interconnecting: North Africa- West Asia - Southern Europe


Simulated RE Projects’ locations Vs actual operational projects’ location

The market is moving swiftly towards the utilization of the available RE potential as we can see below the latest project developments in the MENAT market follows the once proposed project locations in the region. Dii has identified more than 850 RE projects in the region on its march towards 100% renewables. (Source: Dii Project database)

The Dii Toolkit Initiative

Dii's "Toolkit for Renewable Energy Grid Integration, Project Development & Industry Localization" is derived from Dii's partners as well as RE industry expert professionals’ know-how, experience, & best practices. The objective of the Dii's Toolkit is to provide RE industry stakeholders, both private and public, with access to state-of-the-art measures & techniques (tools) which enable accelerated and smooth integration of large amounts of renewable energy into existing power grids & ensure tangible and durable benefits to the region.

Dii Toolkit Scope of Work:

  • Toolkit checklist for bankability of RE projects, system requirements for RE grid integration, operators technical capability to manage high levels of variable RE generation, local industry & job creation & retention factors, business transparency factors.
  • Practical tips on project development, public and private procurement and localization, thus assuring: best value for money, industry involvement, Job creation, sound financing, transparency & build of trust amongst stakeholders.
  • Planning for gradual increase of RE generation at local, national, regional and international scale.
  • Country case studies & sharing of know-how & expertise.