Several countries worldwide, not at last Germany, have started the process of shifting to renewable energy and energy efficiency some decades ago. In 2009 a group of mainly large German companies, united in Dii Desert Energy (then known as 'Desertec Industry Initiative') have started pioneering work on enabling solar and wind projects in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East (MENA) and connecting power grids and markets. This group has grown to an impressive gathering of companies from all continents. The conditions for renewables in the early days were not favorable with very high costs and in government supported fossil energy.

For 10 years Dii Desert Energy and Ghorfa, the Arab— German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e.V., have worked hand in hand to pave the way for the energy transition in the region. Their joint strength has ignited the leadership and drive for clean energy that we are witnessing today. But, the more important question is how will the energy market migrate from where we stand today toward a lowest cost, emission free energy supply with jobs, prosperity and political stability?


The program will highlight the holistic vision of energy transition and 'dive' into the practical aspects of the markets for renewables, energy storage, transmission and flexible demand.

Ten years ago 'Desertec' was understood as 'power from the deserts for Europe'. Today 'Dii Desert Energy' stands for clean energy and jobs for the people in the region and for becoming a net exporter of 'green elec-trons and molecules' (e.g. electricity and hydrogen) Leaders and young talents from governments, industry, institutions and NGO's will consider the Summit a 'must' for their work.