UAE minister and OPEC chief says IRENA’s solar forecasts for Gulf nations will prove conservative

Almost 5.4 GW of PV capacity is set to be added by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries by the ‘early 2020s’, according to detailed analysis published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) today.

Speaking at the launch of IRENA’s GCC report, the United Arab Emirates energy minister said he expects that figure to be surpassed – with around 6-7 GW of new renewable generation capacity set to be developed in the UAE alone in the next five years.

The Renewable Energy Market Analysis for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries report finds 867 MW of renewable capacity has been installed across the six Gulf member nations to date, of which 657 MW was installed between 2014 and last year. The report expects 6,732 MW of PV, wind and concentrating solar power (CSP) to be installed in the region in the next few years – with 81% of it PV. Read more