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Building bridges between people

Forging connections that transcend borders, building bridges between industry captains, and fostering a global community.

Dii’s team consists of well respected senior figures in the international energy system, with experience in (green) energy industry management, projects, investments, regulations and public policy.

Paul Van Son
Cornelius Matthes
Frank Wouters
Chairman of the Adv. Board, MENA Hydrogen Alliance
Fadi Maalouf
CTO & Director IPP & EPC
Valeria Maria Aruffo
Director External Relations
Sophia De Francesco
Director of Events
Chiara Aruffo
Director of Research
Shereen Bashi
Head of Finance & Control
Alexander Sarac
External Legal Director
Lutz Cleffmann
Media Relations
Paolo Bruno
Co-Lead Working Group
Sasha Gaede
Director of Mediterranean
Sibi Vetha Raj
Research & Data
Karim Megherbi
Director Transaction Advisory
Lars Waldmann
Director Power to X and Storage
Matthias Braun
Director of Partnerships
Monica Hashemi
Director Operations Compliance
Gerhard Hofmann
Co-Head of Communications
Thomas Isenburg
Co-Head of Communications
Danny Achkar
Smart Cities and ESCO Initiative
Youssef Takki Chebihi
Director Capacity Building & Localization
Klaus Schmidtke
Senior Advisor
Aravind V Suregaunkar
Technology & Digital Partner
Sarah Murray
Marketing Specialist