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Dii Desert Energy

Our Mission: No Emissions!

The MENA Region to become a leading climate neutral, lowest cost, security of supply ‘Powerhouse’ for its citizens and industries and, eventually for the world energy markets through producing, converting, transporting, storing and trading ‘net zero electrons and hydrogen based molecules’!
Covering the entire scope of the energy transformation

Dii Desert Energy

Launched in 2009 as an industry initiative, Dii Desert Energy (formerly ‘Desertec Industrial Initiative’) is an independent think tank and international network paving the way for ‘net zero emission’, secure and affordable energy from the deserts through green electrons and molecules.

Dii Desert Energy is following a phased approach of implementing the ‘Desertec’ idea (clean energy from the deserts), which is now in its third phase of development, accelerating MENA’s energy transition in a global context: Desertec 3.0.

This includes clean power, hydrogen and derivatives and the emerging climate neutral energy trading. For this purpose the ‘MENA Hydrogen Alliance’ was launched in early 2020, followed by the ‘Zero Emissions Traders Alliance’ (ZETA) in 2023, which aims at creating a regional and global platform for climate neutral energy traders.


Dii Desert Energy is bundling the forces of over 110 Dii partners across 35 countries for the benefit of emission reduction, energy security, affordability and local content in MENA and beyond

Market Enabler

Accelerating the energy transition in the Arab World towards supply of ‘green electrons’ and ‘green molecules’ across the regional and global energy value chains.

Job Creation

Encouraging sustained prosperity and stability in the region through the creation of local jobs and industries associated with the energy transition.

Green Powerhouse

Encouraging the MENA region to becoming the largest ‘green powerhouse’ in the world.

Collaborative Platform

Capitalizing on new opportunities by bringing together the private sector, the public sector and academia.

Emission-Free Transition

Assisting in the transformation from the current fossil fuel basis towards emission free supply.

Fostering Partnerships

Enabling lighthouse projects and creating unique business opportunities for our partners.

Connecting Energy Leaders for a Sustainable Future


Your involvement and benefits of a partnership with Dii Desert Energy

The Advisory Board
Dii Desert Energy is supported by eminent experts and visionaries in the field of emission-free energy. They drive business for their companies, shape policy for their countries and propel innovation for the sector, allowing them to guide Dii’s direction.
The annual Dii Desert Energy Leadership Summit
Since 2010, the Dii’s annual summit has moved across three continents with a unique profile in the market. By invitation only CEOs gathering with high quality content for concrete impact.
The Dii Partner Meeting
Bringing together Strategic, Lead and Associated Partners in a closed-door and focused gathering of leaders with the joint mission of advancing tangible projects to reduce harmful emissions and forging new partnerships.
Studies and Thought Leadership
Dii Desert Energy regularly initiates studies on emerging topics: technologies, interconnections and markets, green electrons or green molecules. Partners can be co-author/featured in different studies through bilateral interviews. Reports are unique: they include firsthand information from the market, analyzed by the independent and experienced Dii’s research team. The academic approach is combined with top management views and practical experiences.
Strategic Communication & Events
As impartial platform, Dii helps promoting strategies and amplify announcements. Promotion through the events’ portfolio, quarterly newsletter (partners achievements and announcements), digital platform, amplification leveraging Dii ‘network of networks’. Invitation to high-level networking events like Dii Iftar, top management briefings and dinners, as well as roundtables with policy makers, think-tanks and research institutes.
Projects Insights
Over the last 14 years, Dii Desert Energy has been monitoring solar, wind and more recently hydrogen projects in MENA, creating a unique database with special insights for our partners. This, financial tools, market studies and much more is available in the ‘partner only section’ on the Dii website.
Download a free extract of our LCoH and LCoA financial models*

Get an extract from our levelized cost of green molecules toolkit!

As Associated Partner of Dii, you get exclusive access to the Levelized Cost of Green Hydrogen/Ammonia/Methanol/Kerosene Toolkits Financial Model by energy source and technology to capture all life cycle costs and assess project feasibility.

Exclusively for Dii’s partners, the toolkits are offered on SaaS basis (Software as a Service).

Partners need to fill in the “Inputs Form” based on their specific project attributes, and then Dii will run the toolkit model and provide pdf report (sample pdf reports are included in the info package). This service is free for Dii’s partners (T&C apply).


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