• Dii Desert Energy was launched in 2009, as an industrial initiative in Germany, initially called ‘Desertec Industry Initiative’. Dii’s initial aim was to explore the potential of renewables in the desert areas of Northern Africa and the Middle East, to improve market conditions and examine the synergies to be captured through connecting the European and MENA power markets. Our pioneering work is widely recognized thanks to the study ‘Desert Power 2050’, already pointing in 2012 at the possibility to have almost 100% renewables in the Middle East and Europe. Furthermore, our book ‘Emission free energy from the deserts’ by Paul van Son and Dr. Thomas Isenburg has been recently published in English and German and it describes how the crazy ‘Desertec idea’ has become a reality in North Africa and the Middle East.
  • A decade later, we have broadened our scope in this highly dynamic and fast-moving environment. Today, we seek to change the entire energy system, starting with various forms of Renewable Energy (RE) generation, transmission and transportation, flexible demand, new technologies & innovations on powerfuels, storage facilities, e-mobility, smart cities, all in the spirit of our mission: energy without harmful emissions! Whilst focusing on large projects, the activities also cover solar rooftop, hybrid projects and small-size wind and hydro installations, which are pivotal in supplying emissions-free energy to all people. In that respect, Dii identified over 1,250 renewables projects in the MENA region.
  • By connecting the international industry active in the MENA region with authorities and institutions, Dii Desert Energy focuses on practical conditions along the energy value chains, leading to tangible and profitable projects for Dii partners and for markets in general, and to the benefit of local and international stakeholders.
  • To date, Dii’s industry network includes the main drivers ACWA Power and ENOWA/NEOM (KSA), CEPRI/State Grid of China, thyssenkrupp (Europe) and 100 Associated Partners and Shareholders from 35 countries across MENA, Europe, Africa and Asia.


Fadi Maalouf

CTO & Director IPP & EPC

Frank Wouters

Chairman of the Adv. Board

Monica Hashemi

Director Operations Compliance

Alexander Sarac

External Legal Director

Valeria Maria Aruffo

Director External Relations

Sasha Gaede

Director of Mediterranean

Shereen Bashi

Head of Finance & Control

Gerhard Hofmann

Co-Head of Communications

Thomas Isenburg

Co-Head of Communications

Karim Megherbi

Director Transaction Advisory

Paolo Bruno

Co-Lead Working Group

Danny Achkar

Smart Cities and ESCO Initiative

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Director Power to X and Storage

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Media Relations

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Research & Data

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Director of Research

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Director of Events