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Zero Emissions Traders Alliance


Zero Emissions Traders Alliance (ZETA)

Dii Desert Energy has traditionally focused on the transformation of the heavily fossil based physical energy system in MENA toward climate neutrality. In 2022 the ZETA idea was raised to dedicate also attention to developing a regional and, eventually, global market for trading climate neutral power, hydrogen and synthetic fuels.
As a consequence, ZETA has been launched by Dii Desert Energy in 2023 with the help of international experts of wholesale physical power and gas trading and virtual trade of related carbon credits, green certificates and other emission reduction qualifiers.
This initiative is designed to help shape a transparent market for (initially Liquid) physical and virtual clean energy products with a focus on the MENA region. ZETA promotes the ‘Clean Energy Hub’, a platform where buyers and seller of green commodities can transact in a transparent manner and were green molecules or electrons can be traded.
ZETA is a non-for-profit foundation established in The Netherlands, with the team based in the UAE. ZETA offers a meeting place and a public platform for companies and organizations with an interest in creating wholesale traded markets in climate neutral products.
First activities are taking off in GCC and Turkey with a cross- regional activity focus. A first kick-off Roundtable has taken place in September 2023 in Abu Dhabi and the 2nd roundtable will take place on 27th November 2023 in Dubai on the occasion of the 13th Dii Desert Energy Leadership Summit.
ZETA is a stand-alone entity in close cooperation with Dii Desert Energy. Dii Partners that wish to join ZETA will enjoy a preferred access.