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MENA Hydrogen Alliance

We aim to create the MENA hydrogen community with a regional focus and global scope to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen.

The Alliance provides a platform for partners to meet and discuss pathways forward, to formulates common studies and connect producers and off-takers.
We support the hydrogen sector holistically, also with a view to integrate more renewables. We act as an impartial advisor, we guide the private and public sector on global policies, regulatory frameworks, funding mechanisms and technology development.
As part of our advocacy activities, we elaborate joint studies and strategic reports, and we host knowledge events such as workshops and round tables.


To be a truly collaborative private-public platform with the MENA Hydrogen Alliance as convener. The Alliance aims to be the thought leader for hydrogen action in the MENA region and beyond.


To kick-start local hydrogen economies to spur investments, stimulate innovation, create jobs and explore export revenue opportunities.
To guide policymakers and stakeholders with solid technical and economic information, such as on hydrogen technologies and business cases.
To accelerate investments in hydrogen technologies and powerfuels by stimulating international markets.
To connect industry captains to create practical conditions for business opportunities.
To foster international cooperation and building long-term partnerships to develop local and export markets for green molecules.

Our Strategic Partners

Our Lead Partners

All Strategic, Lead and Associated Partners of Dii Desert Energy are partners of the MENA Hydrogen Alliance.